The Long Look Back is both a business and financial opportunity for anyone looking to take part in financing the production.

We're looking to raise $150,000 for the film's budget. Anyone looking to invest 2%($3,000) or more of the budget is entitled to that percentage of gross revenue and 85% of their initial investment in net revenue.

EX. Movie makes $300,000 dollars the first year. 
Investor A invested 5%($7,500). For the first half of the $300,000 in sales ($150,000-gross) Investor A receives 5% of his investment back or $7,500. For the second half of the 300,000 ($150,000-net) he receives 4.25% or $6,375.

This 85% of initial investment allows the production to spread 15% in royalties to cast and crew. Allowing us to pay our talent a percentage of the revenue keeps our budget lower.

Any business or individual looking to invest in the production of The Long Look Back is encouraged to email us. We'll provide you with our marketing and sales plan outline, current budget and, if interested, we can set up a meeting.

With a target goal of a 100 theater screen release, plus national Video On Demand sales coupled with our marketing & advertising plan, we aim to make back our budget and your investment.