Full Credits for Proof of Concept Trailer

Cast and Crew on location at the tail end of Day 3. From Left to Right: Adam Eurich, Jim Hatzel, Corben Alley, Brody Kronberg, Bailey Bruns, Lane Alley, Robert Shields.

Cast and Crew on location at the tail end of Day 3. From Left to Right:
Adam Eurich, Jim Hatzel, Corben Alley, Brody Kronberg, Bailey Bruns, Lane Alley, Robert Shields.

As we near the release of the full proof of concept trailer and starting the main fundraising push to get this movie made I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone involved in helping us get this far. The shoot for just the concept trailer itself was difficult, with long days of prep and then longer days of shooting. Thankfully everyone was into making this happen 100 percent, the weather cooperated, and some people chipped in what we desperately needed at the last minute.

Concept Trailer Cast:
Robert Shields - Barry Morris
Daniel Bielinski - Harris
Magdalina Egan - Sarah Green
Jim Hatzel - Merchant and Shack Kasinski(stand in)

Adam Eurich - Cinematographer - Did amazing work with practically no crew help and a limited set of tools using mainly natural light. Came up with many extra shots during filming that you can find throughout the trailer.
Brody Kronberg - Animal wrangler - brought his family's horses Sonny, Dude and Grey out for us and was exceptional at working with his animals and the actors.
Jim Hatzel - Prop and Wardrobe - A seasoned man of western period productions, Jim's arsenal of weapons, saddles, clothes and other props proved invaluable in giving our production an authentic look. His experience and historical knowledge are a great asset to the production.
Kallie Kronberg - Asst. Animal Wrangler/Production Assistant - Got us a line for the horses we needed after several other options had fell through. Helped out with whatever was needed on set.
Gator Grip & Lighting - Rented key equipment from this Rapid City outfit.

Composer: Jesus Contreras, a talented musician who lent his skills to help score the trailer and will hopefully be available to score the feature as well.

Special Thanks to:
Jim Rosenau - Provided support, beautiful filming locations on his own land, offered accommodations and fed the whole cast and crew one night.
Randy & Jenifer Alley - Provided support, lodged the cast and crew for the duration of the shoot, provided lunch catering, dinner and some great locations to film on.
David & Kristi Alley - Allowed us to shoot on their amazing lands near the Grand River.
Lane Alley & Bailey Bruns - Guided us around during filming and even provided fire fighting services that were fortunately not needed.
John Lopez - Brought down his own tipi and set it up for us to use in a scene. Connected the director Corben Alley with some important people that would help with the production in one way or another.
Dennis Lindskov - Allowed us to film on his land and provided an antique wagon and horses for a scene we needed.
Jeff Jensen - Showed us around his place south of the Slim Buttes where we were able to get some ideas for where to film scenes when the movie goes into production.
Jeremy Van Driel- Was the animal wrangler for our Sunday morning wagon scene.
Zane Verhoust - Let us scout his land around the southern half of the Slim Buttes.
Markus Erk - Directed us to some land owners around the Slim Buttes.
Isabel Wagner - An actress in the full feature that has been a great supporter of the production.
Julie Brodhead - Supporter of the production.

And thanks to the South Dakota Arts Council and many more...