Fundraising Update

You can help us reach our funding goal by donating to the Indiegogo campaign, and sharing our fundraiser to tell people why they should be excited about this new western set in the Dakotas, or by becoming a business sponsor, where we'll plug your business on our website and Facebook page, along with featuring your business on future advertisements for the film.

Hello Long Look Back fans!

You can contribute to the  fundraiser here:

There are multiple ways to support us through Indiegogo, you can either just make a straight donation by clicking the "Back It" button to the right of the video, or select any of the many perks on the right side bar.
Several of the perks allow you to pre-order the movie, and receive it on either DVD, Blu-Ray or Digital Download when it releases next spring. Others let you buy reproductions of some of the props the actors will be using, or to even get to spend a day on set with the cast & crew during shooting!

Regardless of what you decide,  $5 or more gets you into the prize drawing for the Super Bundle, which includes jewelry by Wheeler Mfg and a bolo tie by Rocky Mountain Western Wear, along with a handmade custom purse and rifle sling by Anderson Custom Leather, and more!

Lastly, tickets for the Henry rifle raffle will be available soon. The gun will be on display at Smith's Drug in Lemmon with tickets for sale there, and at the Bison Library in Bison and Sparky's Bar and Grill in Isabel. Limited to 1000 tickets available. $10 a ticket with discounts for bundles. 10% of money raised will go to a local organization of the town where the tickets are being sold, so check into the ticket sale site to see which organization you can help raise funds for in addition to helping make The Long Look Back.