Final Push Through May

Halfway through May, we're working on multiple ways to finance this western. Fundraisers, Investors, Business Sponsors, Product Placement & raffles.

There is 2 more weeks left on our Indiegogo campaign. Backers can not only get various perks for different donation amounts, but are also entered into a prize giveaway drawing.
There's also some sales we're running on item's, pre-orders and on set experiences till the end of the campaign
$25 DVD of The Long Look Back (2018)

$35 Blu-Ray of The Long Look Back (2018)

$40 Reproduction of necklace worn by the actresses. Made by Wheeler Manufacturing

$50 Howlite Bolo Tie (gun lanyard prop) by Rocky Mountain Western Wear

$100 Soundtrack on Vinyl Record

$200 Day on Set
$500 Day on Set with Dinner & Lodging

We've created a page for our Business Sponsors. These include businesses that have pledged donations  or are offering discounted services to the production. As low as a $50 donation pledge gets a business on our website and Facebook page, and pledges over $250 come with additional perks and advertising of their business alongside the movie.
Businesses that can offer discounts in products or services the production needs also qualify, such as for catering & fuel. These kind of deals can also help us move the goal posts a bit so to speak, if we can get discounts in exchange for using their services or offering a stake in the movie's revenue, we can lower that target goal of $100,000 down. Contact or 605-848-3060 if you'd like to become a sponsor.

A little trickier, but also fun to figure out, is product placement deals. There is a scene with a traveling merchant who has a variety of goods on display on and around his wagon, and the interiors and exteriors of a homestead set, where we can put various products. We're much more limited in what products we can promote than other productions, because this is a period piece and we want props that aren't distracting and noticeably anachronistic as we strive for as accurate and immersive an experience as possible. Again interested parties can contact or at 605-848-3060.

Currently ongoing are raffle ticket sales for a pair of Henry lever action rifles.  Tickets are available in Isabel, SD at Locken's Oil & Gas station and Sparky's Bar & Grill. 10% of ticket sales sold in Isabel benefit the 4H group Wildcat Deadeye Shooting Club.
In Bison, SD tickets can be purchased at the Bison Public Library. %10 of Bison ticket sales benefit the Bison Earle Museum. Lastly in Lemmon tickets can be bought at the Lemmon Public Library and Smith's Drug & Clothier, where the two rifles are also on display. 10% of sales benefit the Lemmon Library.

Lastly investors are always welcome, with planned releases large digital platforms such as Google Play, and iTunes along with dozens of theater screenings across the Dakotas and Midwest, The Long Look Back's low budget offers a low entry, low risk investment. Investment materials & info packets can be requested by interested parties by contacting