We've put together a crew with diverse experiences in the film and art communities to bring The Long Look Back to life.

corben Alley


A 2008 graduate of Isabel HS and a 2012 graduate of the University of Mary with a Mass Communication major. He interned with the University’s Public Relations department developing promotional videos for the athletic department and other University activities.

Corben's written and directed short films and documentaries, edited videos for the Long Beach Acting and Filmmakers Association and produced video content for many other organizations. He spent a year in LA studying improv and working on set.

A longtime admirer of films like Once Upon a Time in the West, High Noon, Open Range, True Grit and Unforgiven, a western made sense for his first feature.

In shooting a western he wanted to put the South Dakota landscape he’d grown up with on display.

John Lopez


A nationally renowned artist with his bronze and hybrid metal sculptures, John Lopez lends his appreciation for the western landscape and culture along with his considerable artistic talents. His work can be found across the country blending the kinetic motion of its subject's (often animals) innate energy and anatomy with the intricacy and flow of the scrap and custom wrought metal objects that make up the sculpture.

John's many contacts in the western heritage community will be invaluable in obtaining period accurate items, firearms and other production design necessities.



Production Designer

Jim Hatzel is a veteran of period productions including Gettysburg, Hidalgo, Dances With Wolves, Son of the Morning Star, various documentaries and more.

An avid historian of the Old West era, Jim brings his expansive knowledge to The Long Look Back.  He provides authenticity, in wardrobe, gun use,  accessories, saddle layouts and general prop and set dressing. His experience and own inventory of period wardrobe and fire arms brings even more high quality production values to this film.

Daniel St. Amand



Our Director of Photography Daniel St.Amand. Daniel grew up in Manhattan, Kansas before attending the Motion Picture Institute of Michigan. He has written and directed several films of his own and worked as a camera operator, grip, gaffer, cinematographer, editor, and colorist on a number of shorts and features. He currently owns his own small business, St. Amand Film & Photography. He recently completed his short film "Carpenter" in conjunction with the Manhattan Arts Center along with DPing the Manhattan Arts Center's first feature film "Objects in the Mirror" . He is excited to shoot in South Dakota this November.

Randal Iverson

Sound Department

Angela Miller

Hair & Makeup

Angela's love for make up began with her long commitment to theater and the arts. Her passion for sci-fi and old classic horror film fuel her drive to continue that further. Some amazing opportunities she's had include helping to transform Doug Jones into a Bigfoot creature, The Sentinal, in a short film in 2015.

She also owes her start due to the reputation of her salon's owner, Beth Miller, who has worked on films such as Tropic Thunder, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Dances With Wolves. Helping the actor transform his or her self into their character is her favorite part about what she does.

COMPOSER - Jesus Contreras

Brody Kronberg


horse Wrangler

Supplying the production with three good, steady horses  and providing coaching for the actors on how to ride in the saddle, Kronberg is a good hand to have on the ranch and on set.



have something to offer the production?

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